About Rob Roman
Rob Roman is an entrepreneur from New Jersey, United States, who works as a full-time police detective and still manages to have a successful business and overall happy life. 

Rob is a digital marketing consultant who helps people profit wildly through digital marketing. He has personally managed digital ad spend on behalf of clients and been able to consistently prove ROI (Return on Investment).

Rob's clients have rapidly grown in their respective markets online with little cost and have been able to stress less about getting consistent clients. 

Diving Deeper: I have been a detective for the past three years for a police department in the State of New Jersey. While having a busy and hectic schedule, I was still able to purchase several online programs (invested more than $10,000) to learn as much about Social Media and Digital Marketing as possible; I wanted to be the best! I then began my business a couple of years ago and immediately grew to a successful marketing business. I generated HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for my clients. This road would continue to be a success, but I wanted more. I wanted to help the solo business owner or aspiring business owner. I kept noticing people giving up on their dreams, not because they weren’t skilled, but because they could not get their services or products to enough customers; this is a SERIOUS problem!

Not only is the Solopreneur Masterclass one of a kind, it is also the first program that I have seen without all the “Fluff” attached to it. The experience I have gained from purchasing many of programs; I know the good, the bad and the ugly! The ugliest of all programs is the massive amount of fluff they fill it with just to keep you busy. You get hit with so much fluff that you don’t even know where to begin; you’re too overwhelmed. The Solopreneur Masterclass is straight to the point, raw, and innovative; exactly what you need to GROW your business.
The other ugly problem with courses is that when you get stuck, it takes forever for support to get back to you, if any at all. This program will have layers of support. You will have access to a private Facebook Group of all Solopreneur members; you will get to ask Angel and I questions directly at our Weekly Live Q&A’s; and last resort, 24/7 e-mail support.

The Solopreneur Masterclass is the ONLY course that is designed to troubleshoot all your problems, even when you finish the program!

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